And these 6 factors are highly affecting your online business because you are not fair with your customer in terms of support & after sales services. In this blog, we have narrated 6 big mistakes sellers make while giving customer support services. Read them below.

#1 Using Traditional Methods

You still rely on old & outdated methods of communicating with your buyers like phone call & emails. It’s time to give them a break. Use LIVE chat on your eBay store, use social media platforms to engage & interact with your buyers. You can also go for smartphone apps to communicate with your buyers instantly.

#2 Your Response time is not quick

That means you don’t take your buyers seriously, that means you are just after their money, that means you were just entertaining them to grab an order etc. all this means the same.

What next? Be quick, answer them immediately. If you do find any solution instantly just acknowledge them that their query is received & you have started working on it.

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#3 Your Support Team is not at all supportive 

We don’t advise you to setup a world class customer services portal but at least, employ an experienced workforce so that they deliver solutions to the buyers on the spot & on time. Train your staff to take minor decisions on your behalf when they deal with buyers.

#4 You forgot your buyer after they gave order

Sellers tend to do this very frequently after they receive money they behave like everything is in their control. But that’s not the case every time. The real exercise starts after a buyer buys from you.

Maintain a record privileged buyers so that you can provide them with a personalized & tailored after sales services.

#5 Being Inhuman

Give a personalized experience to the buyers at every moment when they are with you. Pamper them the most, make them feel special. Don’t leave it upto automated answering or mailing systems. Buyers are real humans & they are more interested in dealing with a human being on the other side instead of a machine or software.

#6 You behave insensitively when it comes to business policy

Business policies are the measure that ensures scalability of your business. But they should not be rigidly interpreted on buyers when it comes to returns or refunds.

You will have to go out of your business policy boundaries to build a strong relationship with your buyers. It’s important to make the buyer feel comfortable.

Hence, if you are selling online then you will have to take care of these 6 things when you deliver support services to your buyers. If you need more info on how to serve better to your buyer then our customer service expert team is there to help you.

Contact us & get in touch with them immediately.

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