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Beginner's Guide: How to Promote your eBay Store?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 4:36:48 AM Europe/London

In this blog our expert team has come up with a very basic guideline on how to promote your eBay store from a beginner’s point of view. Instead of writing this interesting guide we have composed it in a checklist format so that you can read & revise it whenever you need.

The key to success on eBay is to provide your buyers a comfortable & easy shopping store so that they visit you again & again. As part to comfort your buyers you need to monitor what they do & when they visit your store.

Are they frequently using the contact form or social media links posted on your store homepage? Hence to sum up these things we have provided a frequent checklist of all these factors. What to do & what not to? Read below.

eBay listing templates

Being a newbie try & gain some experience about buying on eBay before selling

  • Be a buyer before being a seller
  • Do research work about other seller’s eBay store
  • Get eBay account to start an online business
  • Strategize your budget for inventory, marketing, store design etc.
  • Ask experts help for a beautiful design
  • Do not go with an inexperienced designer, they will just spoil it
  • Avoid using FREE store & eBay listing templates, they are waste of time
  • Go for a ready to use template design: They save time & cost!
  • Mobile optimization is must because mobile shoppers are increasing over time
  • Engage more buyers with a responsive eBay template
  • They are advanced, easy to use & friendly with premium search engines
  • An optimized shop design will help you sell more, so go for it
  • Loading time is crucial & the design must follow this very seriously
  • Use google’s Pagespeed insight to test loading speed of your store pages
  • Optimize product images so that they can load fast
  • Use HD product images to ease buyer’s retina scan
  • Tag your name, address & contact details in local directory
  • Local listing is must to locate your where about
  • All your contact details must be consistent online
  • Use keywords in title tags & description of your product contents
  • Be brief do not over exaggerate product content
  • Focus more on readability of your store contents & less on style
  • Use 2 or 3 font variations while scripting texts for store
  • Content should be easy to consume by audience
  • Engage buyers with visual contents they perform well online
  • Integrate product videos in store design
  • Product demonstration videos give more leads & sales
  • Mobile shoppers like to watch videos on their device compared to a desktop or laptop
  • Social media content must be creative keeping the mobile audience in center
  • Integrate trusted social media apps on store pages to facilitate buyers
  • Keep the overall design of your store & listings simple yet attractive
  • Schedule a timely check of your contact details
  • If they change notify your buyers about the same
  • You are a fresher & remember that. Hence do not give FREE shipping instantly
  • Keep your product price low to attract buyers
  • FREE is a magic word hence use it wisely
  • Maintain your inventory in a healthy method
  • Do not rent a big warehouse for storage purpose
  • Start with your home, garage or backyard
  • Use quality packaging material to ensure safe delivery of buyer’s order
  • Update your listings regularly
  • Refund buyers with a smile, do not argue with them
  • You are likely to gain some experience with return & refunds
  • Be aware of phishing buyers, they will somehow give you negative feedbacks
  • Report the intentional negative feedbacks, vulgar or abusive comments to eBay
  • eBay has an in-house investigation team to protect seller’s interest
  • Ask for positive feedbacks after selling to a buyer. It’s not offensive!

The list continues with a lot more things like these. Hence, if you are planning to open up an eBay store then our experts are the best persons to help you with it.

They will guide you the process of setting up an eBay store, marketing, sales & much more.

Browse the biggest collection of ready to use category based eBay store & eBay listing templates. Get in touch with us today.

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How eBay Protect its sellers?

Thursday, March 17, 2016 4:17:53 AM Europe/London

eBay is said to practice the best seller protection policy in the eCommerce industry. it been known that eBay is only for buyers, but that is a total myth. eBay helps its sellers to sell with confidence by protecting their interest mentally & financially.

Today in this blog you will about how eBay does it all for its sellers. With its protection policy, eBay ensures that the good faith of the buyer & seller is reinstated in every transaction at the end.

eBay sellers protection policy detects any faults in the transaction, investigates the same & more over it monitors the transaction that will happen in future.

eBay has a dedicated team to work for such policy so that sellers can sell with ease and a peace of mind.

Read below how the eBay seller’s protection policy actually works.

Custom eBay Templates

When a seller complains about buyer the automated system of eBay checks with the buyer’s behavior. If the buyer is new & if eBay doesn’t detect any past history of the buyer it keeps the record of this reported buyer.

  • If the automated system finds an issue the investigation team of eBay comes into the picture & tries to resolve the issue protecting a seller’s reputation.
  • If the automated system doesn’t find any issue then the system stores the information for future references.

Let’s assume that a buyer has always reported about some or the other issues with the product or services offered by the seller. Then…

  • The automated system detects the past behavior of the buyer & no surprise that eBay finds a long history of complaints from the buyer side.
  • The investigation team investigates in the matter. For example, if the buyer complains of not shipping the product immediately. The team asks for tracking details from sellers. A seller is protected by supplying the same to the investigating team. Also protected from intentional negative feedbacks from such kind of buyers.

This was just an example, this way eBay protects the seller’s interest from notorious buyers.

With this example, we would like to rest the information on eBay’s protection policy. For more info on the same, you can visit the link    

Protection is of utmost importance. We provide our clients with excellent custom eBay templates that give them a safe business opportunity on eBay ripping off their competitors & giving the fair amount of sales.

We design & deliver stunning eBay auction template that is easy to use, install & earn revenue.

Contact us today & get your ready to use eBay store & listing template combo.

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4 Signs that your eBay Seller Account is compromised!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 6:26:24 AM Europe/London

Hackers use eBay logo & message style that looks exactly like eBay is sending you an alert on violating any rules. The intention is to get your eBay seller account login details somehow. When you supply them your login details they drain your PayPal account, alter your listings or use your name to do illegal activities.

Sellers who are victims of these phishing activities aren’t aware of it. In this blog, you will read about 4 signs that say your eBay account is compromised. Read them what are they?

Unable to login into your eBay account

One fine morning you have difficulty in logging into your eBay account. You seem to be puzzled because a piece of cake is now giving you trouble. This happens when someone else has logged you out & changed the password.

Products are sold or listed that are not yours

This happens when your eBay account is stolen. You come across listings that are not done by you. This is actually “not a sale”. The intruder has used your name to grab money from your buyers without any actual product delivery.

Responsive eBay template

PayPal account shows transactions not done by you

 An intruder altering your products or listings can also do phishing activities with your money. Check your PayPal transaction you will find cash flow to some other source or account. This means the hacker has gained access to your PayPal account too & this is a serious condition.

It will drain you financially. Inform the concerned authority immediately.

Buyers call or email you for not delivering products

If you get a call or email from buyers who complain that products are not delivered then someone is using your seller account simultaneously with you or without your concern. Check details with the buyer.

What can be done in this situation?

Get in touch with eBay immediately & tell them everything. Claim this very clearly that your seller account is heavily compromised by the third party. First thing first requests them to change your login details instantly so that no more frauds take place.

Cancel listings that are not yours if you have access to your account.

Inform PayPal also about malicious activities going on in your account.

If possible, cancel all the orders on the temporary basis that are not done by you & inform the buyers too about this. This will save you a lot of mishaps.

Phishing activities are inevitable, but it can be avoided. Contact our experts & get more details on how to safeguard your eBay accounts from potential hackers.

Our expert team is highly efficient in crafting responsive eBay template that is capable of giving you fair enough amount of sales on eBay.

Browse the biggest collection of ready to use category based eBay store & eBay listing templates.

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Do you know the basics of Item Listing on eBay?

Monday, March 14, 2016 11:21:09 AM Europe/London

In this blog, our expert eBay listing template designer team has given an insight on the very basic terms that are used in listings on eBay. These terms will be an immense help for newbie sellers on eBay.

 They are very easy to understand, written beautifully with the seller’s point of view to gain access to eBay product listings. Let’s see what they are.

 Product listing is the basic way to sell on eBay. Whatever you want to sell is represented by a product listing to your buyer. In simple words, it is a kind of classified ads that is scanned by the viewers & those intend to buy either they bid for it or reserve price to buy it later.

 When you search for your desired products eBay displays products listed by sellers in search results according to the keywords typed by you in the search box. To understand eBay listing following basic terms are to be first known.

eBay listing template

 Product listings are fixed price or auction-style

  • Listings include information about products with images
  • Listings also include feedback that shows trustworthiness of buyers
  • They also contain information about price, shipping, delivery etc.
  • It also mentions whether the seller will accept the product if returned
  • Listings show terms & condition
  • Listings along with auction style also offer “buy now” or “make an offer” options.
  • Bidding, buying or making offer is often used terminology in product listings on eBay
  • Listing titles & description must be intelligently written so that they rank high in search results

 All this and many more details are taken care of while making item listings on eBay. For more information contact our expert template designer team.

 We provide eBay template design that has a super combination of ready to use eBay store and eBay listing template.

 Contact us today & get a fantastic theme based eBay store & listing template. 


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How to List Products Successfully On eBay & Sell More?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 9:52:04 AM Europe/London

Whether experienced or fresh, every seller needs to refurbish the art of listing products on their eBay listing template. Even eBay helps sellers to create effective listings. In this blog you will read about how to get maximum money out of selling your product & that too quickly.

Being a seller if you offer free shipping, returns, cash back etc. all of them will make your products stand out & motivate buyers to click.

Price & Listing Benefits

When you create a listing on eBay they provide price recommendations of the same listings those are active or sold. You can also revise the price of the existing listing if it’s not selling. 


Include brand names, size, shape, color, description, make & model no etc. of your product that a buyer will use to search your product.

Use item specific keyword so that your listing/s ranks high in the potential search.

eBay template design

Product Images

Everyone knows the “ifs & buts” of product images. But it is advisable to go through eBay photo standards while adding an image to your listings.

eBay awards a top rated seller badge if your listing is qualified for the same. The benefits of top rated plus seal is that it gives you high ranking in search results.

A Quick List of Strategies towards Excellent Listings: 

  • Select the most exact categories for your listing so that buyers find them easily
  • Use product details & images for your listing from eBay’s catalog this will save time
  • Use eBay’s advanced selling tools to create & manage your listings
  • Refer old and/or existing listing to decide your pricing policy
  • Weight & measure the length of your products to offer fair price on shipping if you do not consider offering FREE shipping. 

All these small tips are overlooked by not only fresh sellers but by experienced sellers too. eBay provides immense help & opportunity to new sellers so that they can set up a perfect shopping platform for buyers. 

We provide eBay template design that has a super combination of ready to use eBay store and eBay listing template

Contact us today & get a fantastic theme based eBay store & eBay listing template design.

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7 Tips for Successful eBay Listing Templates Design!

Monday, March 7, 2016 6:00:30 AM Europe/London

Today in this blog you will read some interesting tips given by our expert designers to create beautiful eBay listing templates. This piece of information is not given by any freelancers or amateur designers they are straight from our core designing team to assist you. 

Read them and follow these tips to shape a beautiful eBay html template. If you find any difficulty then contact our designing team. They will help you with the same. 

Without writing anything else let’s get down to the ultimate list of successful tips. 

1. Screen Resolution

Buyers view listings in varied screen resolutions. What looks good on your screen is not necessary to look exactly on others screen. If the pixels are stretched too much then the overall look will suffer. Hence take care of the resolution.

2. Long Pages

Do not stretch a single page too long it will bore your visitor. Instead divide it in sections with catchy texts. Break pages with titles, color lines, images etc. 

eBay Listing Templates

3. Images 

Insert meaningful & high definition images of products in your listings. They are of utmost importance. Images should not contradict the text written. 

4. Fonts 

Instead of using fancy fonts, use fonts that are readable. Do not over highlight or bold them if not needed.

5. Color Theme 

Colors theme should sooth a visitor’s retina. Actually there is a whole different formula about using colors in the eBay shop or listing designs. Contact us to understand the magic of using brilliant colors. 

6. White space

The white space in any design has a psychological effect on buyers or visitors mind. Our designers do it in a tricky way. Instead of giving space, leave white space between texts & other elements. This will define the clarity & look of your eBay listing templates

7. Background 

Keep the background light if you are using bold texts & dark colors and the vice versa of it. Remember that background must resemble the design. 

All this and many more elements are crucial in defining the beauty of your eBay template design. As we have mentioned earlier you can contact our designers straight forward and chat with them about your listing designs. 

If you find it difficult our team will do it for you in a discounted price if you wish to. 

You can also get a readymade listing + shop design based on various themes. Browse our category pages for more info.

Posted in Templates design By eBaySellerTemplates

We give eBay sellers an alternative to select low cost and readymade theme based templates to get started in just 24 hrs. Browse our template gallery & select your favorite readymade eBay shop template with a stunning eBay listing template design.

In this blog you will see 7 readymade templates that our clients have installed in their stores & are selling fair enough with them.

Check out the list below:


SoPhoneo has used mobile phones theme templates. Click the link below to see the store LIVE. The store looks stunning, it is fast & user friendly. Contact us for this design.

Click her to see the store LIVE

#2 Canvas2016

Canvas2016 has used Furniture, Home & Interior theme templates. Click the link below to see the store LIVE. The store has lots of white space with exquisite background & banner. Contact us for this design.

Click her to see the store LIVE

eBay shop template

#3 Beads Jar UK

Beads Jar UK has used fashion & women theme templates. Click the link below to see the store LIVE. The store looks great in a simple yet attractive avatar with rotating banners that give straight forward information about the products. Contact us for this design.

Click her to see the store LIVE

#4 Kings Direct 21

Kings direct 21 have used Furniture, Home & Interior theme templates. Click the link below to see the store LIVE.

The eBay shop template design is simple but the uniqueness of the design is the visual product category just below the menu bar. This tempts the buyers to click & see what’s in the page.  Contact us for this design.

Click her to see the store LIVE

#5 eModel Cards

eModel cards have used Kids & toys theme templates. Click the link below to see the store LIVE. The design looks simple but it has swift navigation & SEO friendly features inbuilt in the design. Contact us for this design.

Click her to see the store LIVE

#6 Admire Express

 Admire express has used beauty & cosmetics theme store & listing combo. Click the link below to see the store LIVE. A feminine design that portrays the real sense of fashion, style & glamour. Contact us for this design.

 Click her to see the store LIVE

#7 Ultimate Car Diagnostic Solutions

Ultimate Car Diagnostic Solutions have used tools & equipments theme templates. A sleek neon color theme elevates the entire beauty of the design in a perfect manner. The color is used very wisely. NO over exaggeration. Contact us for this design.

Click here to see the store LIVE

The list goes on and on. You need to just click our browse by category & access the beautiful category based theme designs. Click now!

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Facts you need to know about eBay - An eCommerce Giant!

Friday, March 4, 2016 4:30:25 AM Europe/London

Everyone knows who, what, where, and when of eBay. Apart from being a gigantic buying & selling hub eBay is pretty much interesting to know about. Today in this blog our expert team has brought in some facts that will amaze you. So let’s get started with them: 

The first item sold on eBay……… 

The 1st item listed on eBay was a broken laser pointer. A broken one, yes we aren’t kidding. It was back in 1995 when a computer programmer Omidyar listed it & got $14.83 for the same. Isn’t it interesting? Try it today & see what you get?

eBay was originally an auction web before it flourished into an eCommerce marketplace.

The original registration of eBay was with the name “cho bay” and later went on for but the name was already registered hence Omidyar shortened it to “” removing “cho”.

eBay hosted 250,000 items for sale online in 1996 & in the next year that is 1997 it was 24,000,000. Do you know how much the growth amounts to? 9600% & it is the highest recorded growth in eCommerce industry. 

Total sales volume per year on eBay is 60 billion dollars & that is truly astounding.

Professional eBay Templates

Let us assume that eBay is a country…..then it would be

  • The 65th largest economy in the world
  • Ranked 13th on population census being 13th most populous country in the world.
  • A country with 89.5 million residents because these are the monthly active users on eBay.

Now, that was something mind bending. Isn’t it?

About eBay categories…………

eBay has largest category in computers, technology, home & gardening products, clothes & accessories.

  • Computers & Technology tops with approx 4 million visitors monthly with sales of $2.5 billion every quarter.
  • Then comes Home & gardening products with approx 3.5 million visitors monthly with sales of $1.5 billion every quarter.
  • And finally clothes & accessories sums upto 5 million visitors monthly with sales of $1.5 billion every quarter.

Read some interesting stats about what is sold in US alone:

  • Every 6 seconds a pair of shoe is sold.
  • Every 8 seconds home products are sold.
  • Every 25 seconds a game console is sold.
  • Every 60 seconds a mobile phone is sold.
  • Every 45 seconds a home appliance is sold.
  • Every 17 seconds clothing products are sold.

How eBay makes money?

Sellers make money by selling products or services, but eBay makes money by charging fees on listings listed by sellers.

The variety of fees include insertion fees, fees on total sales made by seller amount to approx 9%, and small amounts to highlight listings text in search, to buy extra time for listings, for extra images etc.

The approximate revenue of eBay from the fee is a whopping $4,461,844,000!!!!!!! 

eBay bough PayPal in 2008 for approx $1.5 billion. 

Payment methods that eBay uses are PayPal, Propay, Moneybookers, Paymate and through online merchant bank account. 

eBay turns down google checkout, cash, bank checks or money orders as payment methods by simply saying that “they are not secured for our marketplace”.

Hence, after all these mesmerizing figures & stats if you feel like being a seller on eBay we won’t be surprised. But before jumping in this pool you need to have good product line, professional eBay templates for your store, friendly shipping & return policy & above all the buyer oriented thoughts to be successful seller.

We can help you with all these things by designing a perfect eBay shop design that will generate & convert leads for you, attract buyers to give pleasing shopping experience. 

Get in touch with us today & browse our category base ready to use templates

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Unlike its competitors accessories & more has been successful in grabbing more buyers attention. Thanks to our designing team that has secretly put up 5 factors that are doing the job now. 

Without any other stuff let’s get on to the list of those 5 promising things that are working undercover for our client. 

If you wish to order a similar design or would like to have a different one then get in touch with our expert team. Who knows you might be the next underdog on eBay. 

The list goes here: 


Intelligent store search with integrated checkbox that says “in titles & description” allowing user to search their desired product in the store as well as specific product name mentioned in the titles or description of the products. 


Straightforward images in the welcome banner so that buyers get clear idea of what is being sold in the store. 


Even though the eBay stores template has search box the store category left panel is kept long tail. Buyer can see each & every item in the list. Just click & buy formula. Saves time. 

eBay Stores Template


Product area is having stripped background with a mixture of white so that product is highlighted in the utmost manner. Buyer’s attention is focused on product without any distraction. 


Listing page is designed to be product oriented giving all required information to the user. 

Contact us today to get Started, Request a FREE Quote now! has a beautiful collection of ready to use theme based eBay store, eBay listing html template & eBay mobile listing template. Browse our theme base category page & see what kind of theme design you like. 

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter & Pinterest, Check out our Google+ page. Read, share, link our informative blogs too.

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Aurora Gemstone sells more with Eccentric White Space Design

Monday, February 29, 2016 7:31:53 AM Europe/London

We love to adorn designer jewelry & rich gemstones like everybody else. Hence, when aurora gemstone contacted us for designing their stores we were really excited to do the job. Realizing the passion for designer jewelry of aurora we decided to keep the passion live in the design too.

As you can see a small banner image with visual product image category exactly on the right side of banner is placed in the design to make it more beautiful.

Look at the clarity of images that are included in the banners and elsewhere in the design. They represent the idea of aurora’s thoughtfulness of delivering genuine products.

eBay Stores Template

Colored Gemstones in the jewelry over white background gives a brilliant showcase effect over buyers. They see, they get attracted to click!

In this eBay stores template we targeted the big things keeping pace with small details. Just image a white canvas with shiny colors printed on it. What would you look at? Exactly the colors because white background focus on giving more exposure to the products.

Click on the link below to see similar white space eBay store & eBay listing html template Designs of our clients:

#1 Wintecs Window Cleaning Supplies  

#2 Navdari (Custom T-shirt Printing works)

#3 GXP Cosmetics

Contact us today to get Started, Request a FREE Quote now! has a beautiful collection of ready to use theme based eBay store, eBay listing & eBay mobile listing template. Browse our theme base category page & see what kind of theme design you like.

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter & Pinterest, Check out our Google+ page. Read, share, link our informative blogs too.

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