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How to promote your eBay Store using Twitter?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 7:38:28 AM Europe/London

Twitter is easy to use leaving all complexity to other platforms. Even eBay facilitates its sellers by providing a tweet button at top of each listing to tweet and promote the same on twitter. You can use the same or make your own tweets to tweet. Just copy the title & add the link on your twitter page. 

But there are certain limitation with characters in twitter too, hence read below on how to use twitter to promote your eBay store.

Twitter allows 20 characters in the link, so use product code or item number in the link. This will work well with mobile app.

Using #Hashtags 

  • Hashtags are keywords through which people search. Every keyword is accompanied with a hash in the front. 

Examples of Hashtags: 

  • #eBay #Electronics #Fashion #Cosmetics #Toys #Kidswear #Clothing etc.
  • And one thing more there must not be any space between the hastags that your write.
  • Like #ebaystoredesign #ebayfashionstores etc.
  • Twitter also shows trending hastag suggestions you should follow them because they really are good ones to use.
  • Avoid using hastag next to the link, it might go unnoticed. 

Followers & Following 

  • Twitter does not permit spam following or mass following. You can follow 1000 followers a day and not more than that.
  • It is absolutely legitimate to unfollow accounts that are not following you because this way you make space for new followers to follow you.
  • Check activities of the followers. When was the last time they twitted, if it is more than a month then immediately unfollow them. 

Buying Followers 

  • Do not ever attempt to do that. There are many sites offering instant followers but they are just spammers.
  • Bulk followers using software or illegitimate means can tend to suspend your twitter account.

Instead of using spam followers or unfair means to grab the same try being active on your page. Tweet about your products, its video link, manufacturing stories etc to engage more buyers those in the form of followers. 

Many eBay description templates aka eBay store designs are equipped with twitting facilities. Just click on the tweet button & your listing is seen on your eBay store twitter account.

And we are glad to inform you that we have custom eBay templates collection in different themes. Just browse them.

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35 Benefits of using our Readymade Custom eBay Templates

Saturday, February 20, 2016 10:49:56 AM Europe/London

NO time wasting after what we are, just refer the list below & you will know what kind of custom eBay templates we design that benefits our clients immensely.

Custom eBay Templates

The list goes below. Our ready to use custom eBay templates & eBay auction templates

1. Save time & energy
2. Rejuvenate the look of your eBay store
3. Make you business profitable
4. Creates a strong online presence
5. Increases your brand credibility
6. Projects a professional image among your buyers
7. Are cost effective (not cheap)
8. Have unique designs
9. Are category based with vivid themes
10. Will decorate your store to look unique
11. Are search engine friendly
12. Are inbuilt SEO optimized
13. Can easily rank you in eBay & other search engines
14. Are adaptable to your product/services
15. Are scalable
16. Require no revisions, they are ready to install & use
17. Are packed with impeccable features
18. Are designed to behave user friendly
19. Compatible with prominent third party listing software
20. Are maintenance FREE
21. Will not bother you about complex codes
22. Can be installed by you
23. Are integrated with HD graphics & banners
24. Incorporates your brand, company, products or services
25. Have unmatched color them & layouts
26. Saves your time after revisions
27. Can be customized as per your requirements
28. Are designed & developed by professional team
29. Are not outsourced for any kind of job
30. Available to cater the needs of small & big businesses
31. Are integrated with regular pages that has dynamic content
32. Are not going to cost you a fortune
33. Can be easily upgraded in future if needed
34. Are visually stunning & a master piece of digital art
35. Are 100% Responsive & mobile friendly

There is always lot more that our readymade templates offer to our clients. No more words, just contact us & you will be amazes to see our collection of theme based designs.

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22 Tips for sellers to avoid Transaction Problems on eBay

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 4:35:41 AM Europe/London

Being an eBay seller you must take care of things that are troubling you while transacting with the buyer. And what are they? In this blog we have listed 16 problems that shall be taken care of while dealing with a potential buyer. 

eBay Selling Templates

Let’s get us started with the list. Just take care of them & you will have great selling experience. 

1. Be clear & concise about your products/services
2. Show authenticity of your products with videos, links, ratings etc.
3. Draft a friendly return policy
4. The return policy must benefit the buyer too
5. Be quick. Respond immediately to the queries
6. Review buyer’s feedbacks
7. Ask them what they want you to improve
8. Be cautious with fraudsters
9. Keep watch on unusual bidding activity
10. Give multiple payment options to buyers
11. Give them credit card, debit card or EMI options
12. Ship the order only after payment is confirmed
13. Write details about shipping & handling charges clearly
14. Draft simple & easy checkout features
15. Checkout procedures shall be maximum 3 or 4 steps
16. Give tracking details of shipment to buyer
17. Tracking numbers helps to resolve potential disputes
18. Keep shipping receipts to ensure that the order was really shipped
19. Always verify that the payment is received before shipping the order
20. Verify buyer’s address twice before the order is shipped
21. Be cautious with international buyers
22. State clearly about international return policy to them

They are easy hacks for selling smoothly on eBay. If they are taken care you can resolve many problem post & pre-sales. Errors are inevitable, but there is a solution to it. 

Why don’t you install intelligently designed eBay selling templates on your store that clearly displays every bit of information you would your buyer to know.

You can order this eBay description template from us. Contact us today & chat with our expert team. They will help you with everything.

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4 Secrets of Online Selling: Leave everything else!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 4:36:13 AM Europe/London

Buyers are growing with the growth of online buying on eBay & they have gradually become more confident by shopping online. 

Buyers have started relying on online sellers for their daily, weekly or monthly grocery and or luxury necessities. You never know what & when your buyer need, which you are capable of delivering them.

But selling anything online comes with unique set of challenges. And to overcome a few of them we have pinned 4 secrets that are very basic but if you really care for them they will do wonders for you.

It is not particular that a good product line or a quality eBay listing html template will bag massive revenues & sales for you provided the product is branded & you have installed a professional eBay listing template

Well, today in this blog we will unearth 4 monster secrets of selling online. They are very often overlooked. Leave aside everything else & just concentrate on them you will see definite results. 

Professional eBay Listing Template

Product Photography 

The importance of product photography is absolutely essential because you cannot facilitate the buyer to feel or touch the product physically. Image sells more than words. Use attractive product images with 3D effects so that more details of the product/s can be seen. 

Hire professional for this job. If you have budget problem try it yourself. Purchase a new camera, have enough light source, create white background and with few clicks you have a beautiful image to upload in your listings. 

Delivery on Time 

A buyer chose you because they expected high turnaround time compared to others & you must not disappoint him/her. Hire best logistics for express delivery and make sure they communicate clearly with your buyers about their delivery schedule. Especially, when you are selling or delivering food items. 


Imagine that you get a product in a bizarre condition compared to what you saw online. You will be annoyed & ask for refund. The same is with your buyer. Give them their purchase in a safe packing to preserve the beauty & usage of the product. Packagings safeguard the purchase from probable damage so that sellers don’t have to bear the return or refund cost. 

Build a strong Brand Identity 

Build a reliable online credibility. Let say Amazon sells food items but eBay & Etsy are not that famous for selling food online. Hence Amazon is treated as a reliable brand amongst food lovers. This way Amazon has a greater share of food buyers compared to other ecommerce platform. 

It is not because Amazon is great, it is because food sellers have lived upto the expectations of their buyers. 

The whole idea is to make the shopping experience of the buyer easy and that can be done by installing an intelligent & professional eBay listing template that is specifically designed for this purpose.

We can do it and we have done it thousands of time. Get started with us by getting free quotes on eBay listing html template.

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5 easy Steps to set up an eBay Store! (With Interesting facts)

Monday, February 15, 2016 5:33:08 AM Europe/London

It’s good to have your own business, in fact having an online eBay store is fun, and you save a big amount of money investing after a big showroom, manpower, machinery & lot more. You need manforce & machinery while selling on eBay too but not on a substantial level.

Today we will read about the very basics of setting up an eBay store in 5 easy steps. Our team has included some interesting facts about eBay and selling on eBay. Read them:

Step 1: Planning

It is the basic need of any business setup. Planning will reduce the mistakes at a greater extent. Planning includes budget, how will your online store look like? We mean the eBay stores template & eBay listing html template designs. If you want to sell a series of products then you need to hire a small storage place, how you will ship & deliver items to buyers etc. All these things need to be planned in a thorough manner

eBay stores template

Step 2: Products & Supplies

As mentioned earlier you need to have a good shipment & delivery cycle to ensure that items ordered are delivered on right time, place & legitimate condition.

Being a new seller start with limited products and see how buyers respond you. Avoid stacking too many products at once.

If you are an experienced seller with a physical store & want to open a virtual store then it’s good for you to go with a long product range. You will have double sales benefit.

Step 3: Competition

Competition to sell on eBay is fierce; being a newbie selling with low margin is the key to success. It gives rapid recognition as a trusted seller amongst buyers. You just need to keep your selling price at least 10 to 20% low compared to others.

Step 4: Marketing

Please avoid spending too much after promotion, at least when you are just beginning. Give some time, flow with the flow. Use free email promotion campaigns instead of paid ones. Get a low cost eBay stores template & eBay listing html template designs in the phase then proceed with an advance one.

An intelligent eBay shop & listing designs will save a lot of effort behind being talk of the town. These designs will automatically attract buyers. Avoid spending or hiring wealthy designing firms. They will cost you too much!

Step 5: Holding your buyers

Catch you buyers legitimately, without any trick. Offer them genuine products, after sales services, free shipping, discounts & refund or replacement with a smile on your face. Honesty always pays. Get positive feedbacks from buyers because that is the one which will ultimately bring more sales.

Well, now enough of serious stuffs read some interesting thing about this powerful eCommerce platform:

  • eBay has history of selling a jet worth 4.9 million dollar!
  • eBay has an approximate listings of 100 millions across globe
  • Everyday approximate 6.4 million listings are added
  • It has 233 million registered & over 90 million active users
  • Sunday is the busiest day recorded for high sales on eBay
  • Mobile device fetch highest eBay sales till date

Top searched items on eBay: (based on search survey agencies)

  • Apple iPhone & iPads
  • Designer lingerie items
  • Playstation games
  • Nikon cameras
  • Diamond jewellry
  • Laptops & Smartphones

List of Prohibited Items:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Confidential Documents
  • Animals
  • Hazardous Products
  • Weapons & Explosives
  • Uranium & Plutonium

Refer official eBay site for more info on prohibited items.

If you are planning to setup an eBay store then contact us today to get Started, Request a FREE Quote now! has a beautiful collection of ready to use theme based eBay store, eBay listing & eBay mobile listing template. Browse our theme base category page & see what kind of theme design you like.

Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter!

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Today in this blog we would like you to have a look at our cheapest collection of Mobile responsive eBay template priced at £6.99 only. First thing first, all of them are unique, all of them can be used to list & sell any kind of products you have.

The products in the image are for reference only, we have designed these templates based on your budget & product that you are going to list and sell. They are easy, fast loading & cheapest compared to any Mobile responsive eBay template sold online.

Let’s get on to the list 

#1 Pink Theme mobile responsive html template 

Target millions of mobile users using this mobile responsive template design

Click here to buy.

#2 Smartphone theme eBay Responsive Template

Sell on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone with this one. We bet you will love it. 

Click here to buy. 

Mobile responsive eBay template

#3 Boost your sales with cosmetic theme responsive eBay listing template 

This template is friendly with any orientations, mobile cross promotions, flawless transition from desktop to mobile & attuned with eBay mobile app.

Click here to buy.

#4 Attract mobile shoppers with a Purple theme Responsive eBay listing template

Buy this purple theme designer template & start listing your products. They are fast. They are cheap.

Click here to buy.

#5 Sell Readymade garment products with a ready to use template

Set up your own garment eBay store & sell any kind of readymade garments using our templates. get started by clicking the link below. 

Click here to buy. 

#6 Brown Theme ready to use template 

Funky jackets, stylish jeans, branded lingerie, nightwear etc. anything can be sold with our template. You just name it we have it. 

Click here to buy.

#7 Lemon Yellow theme mobile responsive eBay listing template

You get FREE 24x7 online assistance in just £6.99 only. Isn’t it a great deal!

Click here to buy.

#8 Natural Green theme html responsive templates 

Don’t waste time after so called free eBay templates, they are useless. Get a mind blowing natural green theme template in just a few bucks. 

Click here to buy. 

#9 More Sales, More Buyers, More Visitors & More Revenue!

Just look at the beauty of this design. Simple yet attractive, complex design will just confuse your buyer & force them to leave your store. 

Click here to buy. 

#10 Bubble theme responsive designs 

Sell from laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet etc. increase your sales. Install this template & relax. 

Click here to buy.

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DIY: The Ultimate Guide to Stunning & Beautiful Product Photography!

Saturday, February 6, 2016 5:18:11 AM Europe/London

Product images are essential elements when it comes to eCommerce. Beautiful & crystal clear product image reflects the value of your products & your overall credibility of your business. With high quality eBay storefront templates you need to have high-quality & beautiful product images.

Well there are 2 ways to go with Product Photography: 

1)      Either you do it yourself or

2)      Outsource to expert photographers 

Doing it yourself is cost effective but it may cost you no sale at all if the images are not up to the mark. Remember you have similar products displayed alongside of your competitors too. But don’t panic with these simple supplies you can master this art. 

Be an Expert product photographer with these 7 Affordable supplies. Do it yourself. Stop Outsourcing. 

#1 Camera 

Although it is the most important device in photography but you can start with whatever camera device you have on hand & see what results you get. You can also go for high resolution camera available for special product photography. Remember, it is not always the camera that captures good images. A brilliant image is a solid integration of light, exposure, style & developing process. 

Recommended Camera for Product Photography:

(Note: User discretion is advised while selecting any device for product images. You can ask for experts help too.) 

  • Nikon D800, D600 & D7100
  • Canon EOS 5D MK III
  • Canon EOS 6D
  • Canon EOS 70D
  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i
  • Sony ALPHA SLT-A99V
  • Sony ALPHA SLT-A77
  • Sony ALPHA SLT-A65 

eBay Storefront Templates

#2 Camera Tripod 

You can’t hold a camera & take shots because the image that is captured may be blurry and you are a beginner. So, what’s the ultimate solution? A tripod stand is what you should go for. Again you don’t need a big amount to invest in tripod something around $20 to $30 will be fine for a stand. 

#3 White Background 

White color adds more brilliance to the image; we have ready to use white sweep or a white mat board available at your local photography supply store. Go get it. But get pure white, not off-white or cream. 

#4 White Foam Core to Bounce Back Light 

You need to bounce light on your subject instead of directly hitting it with light source. Get a white foam core & bend it in half. The white foam core will stand on its own reflecting the light on the subject. 

#5 Table 

A folding or standard house hold table is ideal. Look around for whatever is available with you. 

#6 Tapes or Clamps 

They are used to hold the white board in place. You can use other available options with you for holding the white board properly. 

#7 The Room 

Select a perfect room with enough natural light sources like big windows. Avoid doing it outside. Images may spoil due to over abundance of light. 

Well then you are ready for taking good shots of your products. You know now what to do with these things. 

This blog post was brought to you by our expert team of eBay storefront templates designers. We aim to help our clients with all means & medium. Try these 7 supplies & reduce your photography cost. 

We also deal in mobile responsive store template & eBay listing html template. Contact us for free quotes. Don’t forget to click our portfolio page.

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Selling online is lucrative but very tricky business simultaneously. Selling successfully online comes with a heavy cost, but not with us. You can start selling on eBay in less than 24 hours & believe us that’s true & practically possible with our stunning eBay store template design & professional eBay listing template.

Read an interesting infographic brought to you by our expert team. See what makes you sell in 24 hrs & also see how our clients did it? What they achieved with our super fantastic store & listing designs.

eBay store template design

Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, it’s simple, fast & highly affordable. You don’t need to spend a fortune on these ready to use eBay store template design. Just install them & start selling like our clients did.

Make it fast everybody is selling on eBay & they are really doing it well! 

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New Vehicle Parts UK Boosted Sales with Black Design! Know How?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 11:32:04 AM Europe/London

In this blog you will read about latest eBay shop design templates that we created for our client New Vehicle Parts UK, an eminent seller who satisfies the needs of his buyers by selling branded auto parts online. Did you just recognize we said “who satisfies the needs of his buyers”? Yes, a seller who takes care of his/her clients automatically sells more. With a wide experience in designing online stores for our esteemed clients we know exactly what will trigger good amount of sales for you.

Perfect blend of Black & Orange Colors attracts more Buyers.

This black & orange eBay stores template and eBay listing html template design helped our client’s attract buyers. But attraction is not the only factor, a sheer product description & image fetched more sales for New Vehicle Parts UK. 

eBay shop design templates

The left panel store category is intentionally kept long so that buyers don’t need to waste their time in searching desired products. Long tail clickable product category has its own pros & cons; here it is kept long to purely select more products, save time that will ultimately boost sales.

The product listing page clearly describes the product name, condition, number etc. even relevant details & conditions are also mentioned in bold & colored text so that buyers get exact idea about the product that is listed for sales. Instead of flashy & sophisticated language buyers prefer to be addressed in simple language that makes a clean & clear understanding of what to expect with the seller & his/her products.

eBay is flooded with thousands of auto parts sellers, so it becomes important to have a design that keeps your sales ticking & keep you ahead of the competition. See below we have posted links of two similar auto parts sellers. Look into their design & see what we have done for them. 

Click other Automobiles & Cars Theme eBay stores template:



Contact us today to get Started, Request a FREE Quote now! has a beautiful collection of ready to use theme based eBay store, eBay listing & eBay mobile listing template. Browse our theme base category page & see what kind of theme design you like. 

Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter!

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How can white space in new custom eBay templates increase sales? Read here

Saturday, January 30, 2016 4:56:09 AM Europe/London

There are crazy things people do to attract sales on eBay. But one of our client selling gloves, rock tape & first aid supplies doesn’t need to try that hard. This client of ours is the proud owner of a successfully designed custom eBay templates for his eBay store. Here in this blog we will unearth the reason why this client is selling more than his competitors with our designs.

Cleverly distributed white space in design attracts big attention of buyers!

Evenly allocated white between different elements in the design helps the buyers to select products more accurately. But one will think how? White space grabs more attention of the buyer & highlights the products more acutely instead of the design. There are many more areas where one can show his/her design expertise. The same we have done with our client.

custom ebay template


Now in the absence of all flashy elements in the design the attention of buyer is 100% on the product. This client of ours sell safety & life sustaining products hence we have used obvious green in the color theme. Green resembles life like plants. Hence you can sustain your life with products sold by our client.

Products category featured below the menu bar helps products to gain more interest of the buyers & there’s white space again.

Our client also included an eBay auction template in the design which made the whole store look fabulous. Matching store & auction template help buyers to look at the seller in utmost confidence.

If you want custom eBay templates then you need to get started with our team right away. We know how to highlight the products in best possible manner.

If you are in search of excellent eBay templates, contact us today. We have the finest team of designers capable to deliver impeccable eBay auction template, eBay listing templates, responsive eBay templates and optimized mobile eBay template designs.

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