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6 Reasons why your Product Description is not appealing

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 10:52:30 AM Europe/London

eBay Storefront Templates

#1 Haven’t left enough Space

Proper spacing between words, lines and paragraphs (if description is long) give better readability to the buyer when he/she goes through your listing pages or store pages or whatever content they come across your eBay store.

#2 Product Title is not working

It is very important to the buyer because the product title gives a brief info about the product in just seconds and buyer doesn’t have to hunt for initial product information. So, title must be short, presenting the main points of the products within a short time.

#3 Long tail Product Descriptions

Imagine yourself on a store listing page full of texts blocks. It cannot be figured out what will urge you to dive in the text pool to read? The problem is with the length of the paragraphs, they make the information look unpleasant to read. Hence, write short informative product description so that buyers consider worth reading them.

#4 You are using unusual Fonts

Many sellers have tendency to put up product texts in bold, underlined, bigger fonts so that more buyers are attracted. The scenario is totally opposite. All these tricks will spear your buyers’ eye and tend him/her to leave your store ASAP. These fonts are often seen in designers offering free eBay templates online.

Concentrate on clarity of the entire text; try using sans-serif fonts.

#5 Not using Bullet Points

Nobody has time to read lengthy stuff online provided it is of use to him/her anyway. It is advisable to use bulleted text in product description so that buyer can grab maximum information about product in just 5 seconds.

Hence take care of these 5 seconds, they will decide whether the buyer stays or goes away.

#6 Too much of Formatting

Earlier we read about formatting texts, many designers go a step ahead making text bold with italic, underlined, color and bigger in appearance which is not a good practice. Making text bold is fair but too much formatting will make it over beautified. So, limit your formatting skills and focus more on visibility.

Well, one of the most important points of successful selling on eBay is to provide maximum clarity to the buyer when he/she appears on your store. You can take reference of tons of eBay storefront templates available online

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How to STOP loosing Sales on eBay?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 8:36:20 AM Europe/London

Sales are important and that’s why you, me and everybody selling stuffs – are on eBay. And it is not just eBay, but other sales channels flooded with millions of buyers. But everyone is not lucky to have fair enough share of sales.

Luck here is of no importance, because it is the strategy that earns you good revenue and keeps flocking buyers on your online stores. But what to do when you start losing sales and find tough to convert or convince a visitor into a real time buyer. Here are certain facts mentioned about the same. Have a look.

#1 Provide easy navigation

Store navigation is the most deserted area by designers and developers. An ideal eBay description template shall have easy navigation through the store so that buyers can find a way out of any complexity on the store.

Easy navigation means minimum number of mouse clicks by buyers so that buyer can have the same enthusiasm to click more links on the store. That will dramatically increase chance of a product likely to be sold.

#2 Secured Payment Gateways

Online theft is another reason to decrease your sales if there are no adequate security features. eBay has employed hectic security measures to protect both buyers and sellers interest. Here selecting a secured ecommerce platform is also an important step towards stop loosing sales dilemma.

#3 Expensive Shipping Cost

It is believed to be the robust reason amongst online sellers to lose sales. Who would you prefer – A seller offering low or FREE shipping rather than a seller asking almost double the money to ship a product compared to the first seller. The answer is obvious. Now, calculate yourself are you the first or second seller.

Factors responsible for loosing sales are packed with a long list, where Product price, unclear item descriptions and customer care are on top of the list. To avoid losing sales you need to uninstall poor performing eBay selling templates that only make the buyer impatient. There are highly advance eBay store templates available online designer professionally to attract buyers, make them buy and earn hefty revenue. Contact us for more info.

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8 Simple email Marketing Trends for more eBay Sales: Part 2

Monday, July 13, 2015 8:26:58 AM Europe/London

eBay shop design templates
It is great to see you again. Moving further on our discussion that how a seller can grow his/her eBay sales by email marketing, our team at eBaySellerTemplate brings an interesting second half to depict the same. Read below.

Subject Line must appeal

Subject line of the mail sent to an individual decides whether to go through the mail or not. You subject line must literally blast the reader. The impact of the same depends on how you write them. Subject lines must be concise with important details. The most important point is that the subject line shall be targeted to the buyer.

Include Image in your mail

After the subject line comes the second important thing – the Image. An image followed after an impeccable subject line will support your purpose of communication with the buyer. Selection of images shall be stringent enough to grab a click from the reader. Keep images in the mail clickable.

Focus on Call-To-Action

Many sellers fail to include compelling CTAs that defy the core purpose of sending an email of the email marketing campaign on the whole. After reading all that you have written in the mail, give a reason to your reader/buyer to click-through your website or store. This will encourage him/her to buy or atleast look at what you are offering. Do not tag too much CTAs, they will confuse the reader. Keep it simple.

Keep your email Design Responsive

The email design shall focus on user comfort across multiple devices as and when loaded. As we see that more and more users use smart phone devices to access their mails and the number is increasing day by day. Hence, a genuinely responsive email design shall concentrate more on user experience, navigation, loading time, readability & visibility.

Embed Video to make email more interesting & shareable

Video equips the reader to understand more precisely what you are offering in the mail. Motion images have significant impact on the human mind, hence if possible try and engage demo videos in your mail along with social media button so that reader can easily share it. Videos can increase the conversion rates upto 40%.

As more and more new email marketing trends emerges our list will be updated. Kindly follow our blogs for regular updates and new blog posts. We will be glad to hear from you. Visit our website to know more about our designing & marketing services.

We craft beautiful eBay shop design templates, eBay description template, eBay listings template and mobile responsive eBay template. We also deliver custom eBay templates for higher ROIs. Visit our portfolio.

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8 Simple email Marketing Trends for more eBay Sales: Part 1

Thursday, July 2, 2015 5:40:49 AM Europe/London

eBay shop design templates
Email marketing will remain the most popular marketing tool despite of social media, blogs, online advertisements or any other online marketing trend. The driving force behind email marketing to keep it powerful enough against the new generation marketing idea is the ability of the same to engage and convert the potential visitor into a real time buyer.

Hence in order to make most out of this marketing tool so that a seller can generate more leads and eventually sell more he/she needs to work hard on the email campaigns to determine the success of the business and the marketing campaign itself.

Take a look at these simple 8 tips to act more aggressively in your upcoming email marketing campaign or to remove flaws in your current marketing plan.

Segment your Buyers & maintain Relevancy

Distribute your buyers and visitors in different segments. A single mail will not alone built Rome in a day. Sending a particular mail to all the buyers will not correspond effectively. Let us say, you deal in both male and female garments, sending a promotional mail for new men’s clothing will not convert the females buyers along with male buyers. How? Females may open the mail and may find nothing of use to them. The second time they want even open it and your mail lands in spam box. This will half of your buyer list is refines in a negative perspective.

Hence, relevancy is equally important in email marketing. Segment your buyers, visitors, leads and then plan an effective campaign; this will increase your email opening and reading rate by 15%. Segmentation also reduces unsubscribe, spam & bounce back rates.

According a survey 60% of emails are accessed through a smart phone device. There are no chances that this number will gradually decrease, making more critical for the designers as well as the sellers to install 100% responsive eBay shop design templates for their eBay stores.

A simple solution to this mammoth problem is to craft a fully responsive email template so that it adapts the size of the device on which it is opened without causing any disturbance to the reader. The design shall be irrespective of any media device be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Give a Personalized touch

Personalized mails have 15% click rates and equal conversion rates. Personalized mails include a genuine subject line and pitching call-to-action buttons. Online users receive hundreds of mails daily and your mail is likely to vanish in this flood of emails if they are not special.

Emails with personal subject lines are more favorable to be opened by 30% compared to simple subject lines. The same is with the CTAs with 40% view to submission rate.

Schedule your email

There are several apps available online to automate sending your emails to your buyers. In this way you will stay in contact with your buyers and your buyers will receive exact information pertaining to their product search.

Email automation can be used to send a reminder about the shopping cart that they had abandoned. You can also send mail regarding their product search.

Follow this blog series for more information on email marketing tips that can be used to attract more buyers.

Visit us at and get beautiful eBay shop design templates, eBay auction template, eBay listings template and mobile responsive eBay template. We also deliver custom eBay templates that are just awesome to resist.

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How to prevent Negative Feedbacks on eBay?

Thursday, June 11, 2015 6:16:53 AM Europe/London

Prevent negative feedback on eBay

Follow these simple tips and stay away from negative feedbacks while selling on eBay or any other sales channel. Let us grab a short idea on what are negative or positive feedbacks?

Since the evolution of online selling, customer feedback system has played a significant role in providing genuine sellers and has also facilitated buyers to find right product and make right purchase decision. Positive feedbacks always give sellers – a good amount of sale and heavy traffic on his/her store. Such feedback shows the seriousness of seller towards his/her customer in selling a product or rendering a service.

Negative feedbacks gradually reduce sales and finally shut you down. They will always haunt you. Read further more and know how you can avoid such feedbacks.

Make sure items listed on your stores are all available – In Stock!

Imagine that you ordered a fair enough priced perfume to gift your friend and after ordering you are informed that the item is out of stock. Either you have to cancel your order or wait for fresh stock. Both the situations fetch negative reviews for seller. Cancelled orders are also counted as defect rate. Hence, being a seller take care of your inventory before you list them online.

It is advisable to inform the buyer about being short on stock immediately if you get an out of stock item order. Also refund the amount, this will lessen your damage upto certain extent.

If the same scenario is repeated again and again the buyer will not buy from you next time even if you compensate him/her to the fullest. In the worst case they might leave negative feedback. It is obvious that if you want to grow sales please your buyer in every possible manner especially in terms of after sales service, refund, shipping, delivery etc.

Educate your buyers about Feedbacks

What are the probable situations to get a negative feedback?

Apart from regular factors like after sales service, refund, shipping, delivery etc it is also revealed that many time buyer accidently gives negative feedback. Hence, you need to educate them about giving feedbacks.

Interact with your buyers at multiple phases like checkout, dispatch & delivery notification, welcome and exit notes. All these can be integrated in a custom eBay listings template. A free listing template want let you finish off this smoothly with your buyer.

Guide your buyers about importance of positive feedbacks and what negative feedbacks can do. Also ask them to speak, call or write to you before leaving a negative feedback.

What are the advantages?

1.  If there is any discrepancy the buyer will contact you and you can resolve the issue hence this way you can convert a negative feedback into a positive one.

2.  You can stay connected with the buyer by sending them personalized mails related to feedbacks and establish a strong communication. Such practice always repays.

Remember feedbacks are very vital for your success and overlooking these important factors can make consistent damage.

Contact eBaySellerTemplate for a custom eBay listings template to increase positive feedbacks and serve your buyer better.

You can browse our portfolio to see our advanced eBay description template. Don’t forget to find us on facebook & twitter.

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Learn How to Erase Negative Feedbacks on eBay?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 11:25:10 AM Europe/London

Read the following simple tips to erase your negative feedbacks that you might probably get while dealing with a buyer.

Keep negative feedback on the top of your to do list & work out this every day.
Learn how erase your negative feedbacks
Structure your listings accurately

The title must be clear enough to read and understand. Use simple English to do it. Avoid using too many technical terms even if it is a technical product.

Represent the product in best possible condition

New products are not bothered, but sellers selling used or refurbished products shall upload good images of the product. If there are dents or marks on the products honestly describe it so that buyer will be aware of the fact in advance. This will increase your credibility.

Extra information about the products

Though it’s a time consuming task but it will benefit you in the long run. Study your product first and pen down extra information which might interest the buyers and other sellers aren’t giving.

Describe your product generously

Write down every minute details pertaining to the products. Start with main benefits, usage, manufacturing process, multiple uses etc. You have a wide angle to write about the product description, so take maximum advantage.

Be particular in deliver, dispatch & shipping conditions

These factors are mainly responsible to get you negative feedbacks. Be very precise in resolving issues related to dispatch time, shipping time and delivery. Resolve these issues on urgent basis otherwise buyer will immediately cancel the purchase and go to your competitor. Speed matters a lot.

Refunds & Returns

Both terms are lookalike but carries different meaning when you are trading online. Plan a friendly sold goods return policy with reference to your manufacturer on mutually agreed terms so that buyer is not victimized. If the delivered product is damaged try to compensate by refunding in cash or replacing the product with a new one. All this together will increase your selling potentiality.

Feedback is the prime source to test the generosity of the seller. Overlooking such an important trade can damage you severely. Hence, improve your negative scores with honest dealings.

Contact eBaySellerTemplate for a custom eBay listings template to increase positive feedbacks and serve your buyer better.

You can browse our portfolio to see our advanced eBay description template. Don’t forget to find us on facebook & twitter.

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Why Buyers abandon your Store? (Part 2)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 10:18:03 AM Europe/London

why buyer's exit your online store
Too much – is always bad

A brilliant eBay store page is crafted with main product image; a brief description with price and a link to take guide the buyer how to buy the product. That’s it. Anything other than this will only create a mess for you and your buyer.

You can insert feedbacks too, but keep them short.

Fake Shipping Services

It is recommended to use standard shipping services like USPS, FEDEX express especially for international buyers.

Reasons why shipping services annoy buyers

  1. Tracking id is not provided
  2. Shipping company name not provided
  3. Valid Address & Contact Details 
  4. No valid URL to track the order

Unclear Terms of Sales

Many sellers on eBay and other online ecommerce sites trade with unclear list of terms and conditions, which communicate wrong information to the buyer. The actual fact is just a miscommunication that is taking place between the buyer & the seller.

In order to stop your buyers running away, mail them a copy of your terms of sale and ask them to go through it for better transaction. Be deliberate to answer the queries from buyers regarding purchase they make from you.

Inactive Payment Accounts of Sellers

Sellers provide payment options most likely being a PayPal account. But many times your buyer face problem making payments through PayPal because either the account in deactivated or don’t accept payments.

Many buyers opt for other modes of payment apart from PayPal to avoid any discrepancy. This may be due to bitter experience in the past. It is advisable to facilitate buyers with flexible mode of payments.

Online shopping must be above and beyond all shopping leisure. It should be fun and easy. The store must function according to the buyer’s perspective and not your’s.

Contact eBaySellerTemplate today for a brand new custom eBay Shop Design Templates.

You can browse our portfolio to see our advanced eBay HTML Listing Template. Don’t forget to find us on facebook & twitter.

You can also follow our blog to stay updated on our new designing trendz.

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Why Buyers abandon your Store? (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 9:59:42 AM Europe/London

Out of millions of eBay stores online a visitor has chosen your store to visit. Isn’t it a great achievement? It is indeed, so respect his decision and grace his/her presence on your store. The question is how you will make him/her buy?

It is easy and difficult simultaneously. Some of the big and popular online stores have experienced last minute purchase cancellation upto 40%. Why this happens? Why buyers abandon shopping cart?

This may be because when a visitor is visiting your store he/she finds something that offends him/her to leave the store.

Let us see what those factors are.

Unprofessional eBay Shop Design Templates

Loud colors, crazy graphics, slow loading pages, blinking fonts, poor content and grammatical errors are enough to turn any visitor down. Remember these are just a few one. The technical details are yet to be mentioned.

All these factors collectively tends your potential buyer not only run away, but run away not to return back. Hence, smart & intelligent eBay Shop design templates are the best solution towards all these odds.

Absence of Trust Marks

Imagine that you are in a store for buying some household items. You see all around the store but there is no store name visible. A step forward the store owner offers your desired product without any brand name on it. How will you feel? Will you buy them? Absolutely NO

The same thing happens with your visitor, when he/she arrives at your online store and finds nothing trustworthy; it takes fraction of seconds to turn them to another store.

Input good images, comprehensive logo and some genuine factors on store so that your credibility is restored.

Unorganized Search Box

If you don’t deliver the exact item what buyer wants, the rundown starts one after the other in front of your eyes.

Build an exclusive search box that gives the exact and there after related products search list so that buyer not only buys required item but also peep into other products that might interest them.

What impact Search Results lay:

  1. Buyers feel user friendly atmosphere
  2. Multi product buying chance
  3. Organic visit to other pages
  4. Positive feedbacks

Buyer must get desired Search Result

Search for a pen and you get search related to pencil, rubber, scale etc. that means you get everything except a pen. How frustrating is it? Time to run.

You are not alone, even premium store owners experience the same. Buyers are discouraged because they don’t get desired results when they search. When you design your store see that resourceful search results are displayed giving buyers exactly what they want.

Keep reading the blog for the remaining part on why buyers abandon online stores

Contact eBaySellerTemplate today for a brand new eBay store.

You can browse our portfolio to see our advanced eBay HTML Listing Template. Don’t forget to find us on facebook & twitter.

You can also follow our blog to stay updated on our new designing trendz.

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Interesting Facts about Buying & Selling on eBay

Thursday, May 14, 2015 12:53:05 PM Europe/London

Well, it is interesting as well as exciting to know how buyers and sellers trade with each other on this giant shopping platform. You will find a lot of fun data that our team has gathered here so far.

Although, it is surprising & equally shocking to know why females are more intelligent eBay buyers than males. Read more.

A simple question to start with – Have you sold or bought anything on eBay? Interesting Answer

YES 65% & NO 35%

After a basic question it will be more fascinating to read some counter facts about online shopping. Let’s see them.

I’m an eBay User; I’m not an eBay User

eBay says it has an estimated of 36% male users using eBay, whereas 35% females haven’t used eBay yet. 30% eBay users are in a committed relationship, whereas 30% are single those who have not used eBay for their stuffs.

The fun fact about committed partners using eBay may be pressure to pleasure their better half before they run away. Isn’t it.

45% eBay users are college grads while 40% high school diploma holders are not using eBay. Cannot say how they manage their shopping?

32% are lavish spenders on eBay and 20% save money by not shopping online or on eBay. 10% eBay shoppers are Sunday shoppers and 15% non eBay shoppers don’t bother about days.


18% eBay shoppers have attended one or the other fashion show related to their products, while 14% non eBay shoppers prefer to go for a movie, sport event or club parties instead of buying on eBay.

Wow! Movie is a great idea, but shopping lingerie online for you female friend is great indeed. Try it.

89% eBay buyers have won additional items in an auction and 30% have won nothing online nor do they have won anything offline. They aren’t losers; their luck is a moment late.

29% buyers pay their bills online and 58% either don’t know how to pay bills online or they are lazy enough to do so or don’t know to operate a computer.

54% eBay buyers use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ to shop more and engage more sellers while 17% non eBay buyers use only Facebook. We have no idea what they do on facebook?

eBay Mobile Shopping

According to eBay, every 3 sec a purchase is made using beautiful mobile eBay store template design grossing over $5 Billion mobile sales volume. Billion becomes million on Sunday. How? eBay has generated $5 Million sales volume on SUNDAY alone in US. Now, who says Sunday is a holiday.

20 million sellers in European regions use customized eBay store templates to sell their items through mobile phones. Other 80 million+ sellers in central & Western Europe use professionally designed eBay store templates to sell their items on smart phones, tablets, laptops & desktops.

The total accounts to 100 million alone in European region. Think about global figures.

eBay Apps

100 million times eBay apps have been globally downloaded and the shopping categories that have topped the list are – Clothing, Shoes, Sporting goods, Jeweler, Leisure items and much more.

Luxury goods are sold abundantly online and it is the only category that has new edition every second.

Keep reading for more interesting facts.

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eBay HTML Listing Template - 9 Reasons To Buy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 10:59:28 AM Europe/London

Wow! It’s the obvious reaction when you see such titles on search results.

Well, do you know eBaySellerTemplate is the only UK based designing company that offers an excellently designed, power packed eBay HTML Listing Template at only £19.99. Isn’t it great?

Let us see what you get in just a handful of money.

Friendly Source Code

You get 100% eBay & SEO friendly source codes that help your listings to load with lightning speed. Fast loading enables buyers to search multiple items & buy more.

FREE Installation

The installation process is easy. If you don’t know these guys will do it for you. They also provide an easy to understand installation guide.

FREE Hosting

Graphic used in listing templates design are offered 1 Year free hosting. Yes, full 365 days free hosting facility.

Logo Design

Superb logo designing art of expert designers give your brand a real identity and enable you to be recognized on every sales channel. Our package includes text logo.

Dynamic Category

eBay HTML templates designed by eBaySellerTemplate has dynamic categories that doesn't need to be changed manually. They are auto updated every 12 hrs.

Cost competent

You need to pay only the package cost which is selected and pay nothing else. Yes, no monthly maintenance charges or hidden cost.

Description in your Listings

A well scripted informative description on your listings automatically sells your products and it is an additional advantage if you have unlimited space for writing.

Grab your design today and make most out of it

Listing software

The listing code set in the template design works with major third party listing tools.

Design that works around the world

These designs are generated to perform on all regional eBay sales channels like,,, & many more.

Buying these eBay HTML templates are worth at such an amazing price.

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