ebaysellertemplates.com is an expert online marketing & designing solution provider for eBay sellers & have done designing for some of the big brands. With designing expertise, we have crafted beautiful & ready to use eBay listing template & eBay store designs.

You just need to select them & install to get started. The question is how an eBay template design increases your sales? Let’s see the mechanism of this process. Read below.

Check out the list of factors that tends to increase sales in an eBay template design:

  • The overall design itself reinstate trust factor in buyers
  • The design elevates your brand identity
  • Provides great user experience
  • Provides a friendly shopping platform
  • Easy navigation & checkout process
  • Friendly with search engines like Google, Bing etc.
  • Compatible with third party listing software
  • Fastest loading time across any devices
  • Consistent performance on all screen sizes

eBay listing template

How a store design can provide a great user experience?

  • It must convey a positive feeling to the buyer
  • The buyer must be at comfort when they visit the store
  • Buyers must feel familiar with the store layout
  • They must not get confused with navigation
  • The product info must be in a readable & easy format to understand
  • The seller logo must depict what he/she sells
  • Product title & description shall be aligned
  • Product images must be crystal clear
  • Cross promotion links must be integrated 

All these factors together take a store design’s user experience to next level. But not all designs are capable of designing & delivering these powerful features that comfort buyers. We have done it so far for many of our clients. 

We provide template design that has a super combination of ready to use eBay store and eBay listing template.

Contact us today & get a fantastic theme based eBay store & listing template.