As we have said customer service is the lifeline of your business & your success heavily depends on the same.

However, whether you are an individual or a giant business house you still make fairly fundamental mistakes with customer services.

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In this blog you will read about 6 common customer service mistakes to avoid. Let’s see what they are.

1. You rely on old methods

You still insist your customer to use old methods to engage & interact with you. Time is changing quickly. Introduce fast & reliable channels to communicate with your client effectively. You can go for social media channels also.

2. Too slow to respond

Responding clients on a slow note is the most annoying thing that everyone does. Be completely open & transparent when you interact with your clients. Set an automated acknowledgment email to let know the client that their query is received & it will acted upon fast.

3. You stick to your policies stiffly

Policies are drafted to smoothen the functioning of your company they must not trouble clients. if they are doing so then you need to immediately change them & make them flexible as per your company & clients requirements.

4. Strong support team

Your team needs to know that clients come first it is because of them that your whole system functions. Train them to listen & act according. Give them liberty to take decisions on their own. Don’t make them run between management & clients.

5. You forget them soon

Once the deal is closed you go into void. It becomes very difficult to contact you. Even if you are available you don’t act responsibly. Stop doing this. It will ruin your business. The supposed eCommerce platform may terminate your account also.

Quick Tips:

  • Be personal with your clients
  • Show some personality in communication
  • Set up a small team to handle high volume of queries
  • Send polite automated response
  • Don’t go in void, respond quickly
  • Return or refund in friendly way

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