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Today we are going to share all those things that we have learned over these years starting from a sample eBay design to grossing over million dollars a month on eBay. Our eBay sellers have achieved highest conversion rates, converted visitors to customers, had a very high sales rate, classic customer support & so on.

Improving eBay sales figures are 100% practical for eBay sellers. We know that being an eBay seller is a busy task, hence we will keep it short & simple.

 End your struggle increase sales with eBay listing templates

So, what is that keeping you away from getting good eBay sales?

There are thousands of reasons for not getting good sales on eBay. We will start with “titles” Your product titles are sick & unattractive. To make it crisp follow the quick tips below.

  • Write title for humans not robots
  • Humans search for your products
  • Search engine robots don’t use your products
  • Avoid exaggerating words like rare or wonderful for product titles
  • Buyers look for specific brands hence give them one
  • Buyers already know what is amazing & what is not
  • Show them what they want to see
  • Include product name, make, model, size, color & condition

Use shortage & urgency to increase your eBay sales

Creating a product look out of supplies can help you convert ebay visitors into buyers. The fear of losing a desired product on discount is something a smart buyer won’t let go. See below.

  • Offer flash sales with limited time discount
  • Offer fast & free shipping
  • Flash sales must be on selected products.
  • Put countdown timer on your eBay listing templates
  • Offer speedy delivery if they order before time
  • Show that you are running out of stock
  • Show how many similar products you sold
  • Put a limited edition product sale.
  • Show them how many limited edition product you have in stock
  • Create urgency in marketing emails too

Use powerful call-to-action buttons like “buy now”, “order now”, “limited stock” etc in your ebay html template. Using urgency/shortage is not a fishing technique.

Take a look at ready-to-install theme base ebay html template in our collection.

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4 eBay Store & Listing Themes to Sell Apparels Online!

Friday, July 22, 2016 6:09:21 AM Europe/London

We are applauded amongst our clients to design & deliver readymade theme based store & eBay listing templates. Our clients are actually fond of our theme base designs.

eBay listing template

There are unlimited reasons behind our ready to install apparel designs being a big hit. Read them below.

  • Amazing store header & footer designs
  • Attractive rotating banner slides
  • Intelligent search panel
  • Dynamic store category
  • Ample of space for product description
  • Drop down menu bar
  • Perfect integration of color, graphics & background
  • FREE installation with 100% SEO friendly designs
  • You can start selling in 24 hrs. after installation
  • UK based company – No outsourcing


All this & many more elements are crucial in defining the beauty of our read to use eBay store & eBay listing templates. Contact our designers straight forward & chat with them about your requirements.

Order a readymade eBay html template design based on various themes. Browse our category pages for more info.

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Guide: How to Launch a Profitable Online Business!

Thursday, July 21, 2016 7:22:27 AM Europe/London

Starting an ecommerce business is luring but a tough job on other hand. There are many things that are to be considered & sum up together for desired results. In this guide you will study an outline of launching a profitable & successful online business. 

This step by step guide will redirect you through all ifs & buts of an online business. Let's start with it. 

eBay Listing template

Selecting Product

What you want to sell?

A major decision involving what to sell defines the future of your online business. You must know what products you want to sell. It is the most challenging part. If you have planned to sell online then definitely you must be having a product scene in your mind. You can take help of your friends & family members too.

  • Take a short market survey about what is trending
  • What are the hot brands & products selling online?
  • Decide specific industry type you want to start with
  • Look at your competitors

Evaluate your product idea

Once you decide what to sell evaluate both the product as well as the market related to the same. Read below.

  • What is the product all about?
  • The history & evolution of the product
  • Keywords & keyword ideas related to the product
  • Type of buzz around your potential product in google
  • Is the product local or international?
  • Is the product popular on social media?
  • Research about competitors selling the same products

You also need to know whether your product is or will be in demand in future. All these probability will help you make a good decision.

How to get your product?

Now you have found your product & after evaluating it you must now figure out the source of obtaining your product. Read some tips below.

  • Search for manufacturer, wholesaler in local market
  • You can get your product from domestic or cross border supplier too
  • Go through free online supplier directory
  • Search through online profiles of manufacturers, wholesalers & suppliers
  • Referrals by friends & family members

You can also hire professionals for helping you find reliable supplier for your product.

Market Research & Preparations

Market Research

After finding a good product line & a reliable source of supply it’s time to write a business plan. Yes, a business plan is a blue print that will lead you through the process. But before that a thorough market study is crucial. This will help you know the pros & cons of your business.

Develop a business plan

A business plan is nothing but integration of ideas & thoughts. If you are good enough to road map your ideas then it’s ok otherwise you can take help of a professional too.


If you are planning to sell on eBay then store name, brand name, logo, valid eBay login details etc. are the next steps to consider. You may need a store design with eBay listing templates on eBay.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is vital in this competitive world if you are selling online you should understand the basics of SEO to optimize your store for search engines. You can contact us for SEO services. Our experts will make you understand all about it.

Building Your Store

As assumed earlier if you are selling on eBay you need a really attractive design. eBay gives you white old theme. Our excellent eBay store designs & eBay html templates are smart to generate huge traffic, sales & revenue for your store. Just contact our team.

You can always ask help from our Experts.

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