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Customer Service

eBaySellerTemplates @ Your Service

Our service motives

We deal in selling ready to use & world wide. We are not only good at selling our world class , but also deliver support services in a professional manner.

Every support assistant that we have employed is an expert in troubleshooting our ecommerce clients at large. We are applauded for our highly satisfied services. We rely on customer satisfaction and try hard to see that smile on every face we deal with.

Resourceful eBay Templates

We sell pre-built & store designs worldwide. We also make customized templates and stores for . Some of our prime products include -

  • eBay Store Templates
  • eBay Listing Templates
  • eBay Mobile Responsive Templates

These templates are easy to purchase, install, use & earn from them. Visit our home page to know more about our products.

24x7 support services

Real support by& to real people. Many companies outsource their customer services and it is the customer who bears the consequences ending up inchaos. Our support services are 100% in-house. When you contact us you are assisted by the exact person liable to support you. You do not need to wait for long hours to get your issue resolved.

We give template installation service without any charge.

Low cost packages

As mentioned earlier our templates are easy to purchase because we practice a uniform pricing policy world wide. Our price is fixed for ready built templates. Select your design, pay and start using them. Visit our home page for package rates.

Instant delivery

It is very easy to get our purchased template delivered on time. You need to select your design, pay for it and within 24 hrs it will be in your store.

Informative newsletters

We don’t spam. Our newsletter subscription will update you with our latest designs & offers. You can choose to opt out of our newsletter subscription any time.Opting out may cost you skipping latest design trends on ebay, hence subscription is highly recommended.

Free stuff & goodies

To make your experience more awesome, try our free professional ebay samples and share your reviews. With designer templates you get unlimited service support, free template image hosting, listing tools and much more.

Easy to contact us

We are not James bond, so relax it is easy to track us. You can mail us and get a feedback within 24 hrs. You can also use our live chat service to discuss you requirements with our experts.

Our global network

After highly successful journey in UK, we grew a strong customer base of our in australia & US. We have targeted to acquire the online markets of Asia & Europe by 2015. Join us to be a part of our global success.

Strong business ethics

We are serious about our customers and our business. We do not overlook quality on quantity. That is the reason of our million+ customer base and tons of eBay Template designs live on eBay Seller stores across the globe.

Comprehensive terms of use

We practice user friendly terms and conditions of usage. It is not complex to deal with us. Read our terms & condition section to know more.

Confidential privacy policy

We respect privacy as much as you do. With us you are safe in every dimension. Read our customer privacy policy to know more.