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Q. What is an eBay store?

A. An eBay store is a virtual place where you can showcase your products with images and information to millions of buyers around the world. It is an all-in-one e-Commerce solution. This way eBay store helps the buyers and sellers to centralize at one place.

Q. What is an eBay store template?

A. An eBay store template is the initial page of your store wherein links to other pages, products, utilities, mails, payments option and many more things will be displayed. This store template can be a custom made or built in page. These pages can be termed as eBay Sales Templates also.

Q. What is an eBay listing template?

A. An eBay listing template is a set of information displayed about your product like title, description, images and much more is a listing template. You can list your product in many ways. They are also termed as eBay Seller Templates.

Q. What is an eBay mobile responsive template?

A. Shoppers use their mobile devices to do online shopping on eBay. When they browse eBay app or eBay website to search for an item it takes them to listing information. This information when optimized for mobile is called mobile responsive template.

Our mobile templates has quick search box for high end search results.

Q. What eBaysellertemplates do?

A. We sell ready to use eBay store templates, eBay listing templates and ebay mobile responsive templates. We also provide custom eBay store and listing design services. Contact us for more online marketing services.

Q. Are there any free templates or store designs available?

A. Yes, you can get tons of free eBay seller templates simultaneously, you will get free store designs available on internet. All these free stuff has limited functionality and performance.

Q. Is it important to design an ebay store?

A. Yes, it is estimated and surveyed that having a customized eBay store will increase your sales upto 30%. It also gives you repeated customers and high earnings.

Q. Do you offer designing services?

A. Yes, we offer eBay web design services at very low cost. You can also available our seasonal offers and discounts on other services.

Q. Do you offer Logo designing service?

A. Yes we do. You can check our home page or mail us to get a reply onmore information on logo design services.

Q. How shall I pay you?

A. We use PayPal accounts to take payments from our customers. It is safe and secure for both of company and customers.

Q. Do I need to suggest you about my design work?

A. We are open for suggestions and ideas from our customers. It is not compulsory for you to provide us any idea. If have any of them, you can share with us.

Q. How to apply designs to my eBay store?

A. After you select to buy one of our ready to use templates, you need to make the payment and we will apply this design to your eBay account. In case if you want to apply the design yourself, we will send you the instructions for the same.

If you require custom designs, our team will get in touch with you.

Q. How will you utilize my information?

A. We practice strict user data policy. Read our terms & condition for more details.

Q. How shall I reach you?

A. You can call us, drop us an email or chat live with us to discuss your queries. Go to contact us section to know are online whereabouts.

Q. How long will I have to wait for my final product?

A. If you buy ready to use templates you don’t need to wait long. That shall be live within 24 hour. But if you want custom designs it will take 7 working days for delivery. Public holidays are excluded from 7 days.

Q. How will you send me my designs?

A. After final approval of your eBay Web Design you will receive a mail with custom eBay Template & html codes. This will be your final product. They are design files for which installation instructions shall be provided in the mail itself.

Q. How do I use programming codes sent by you?

A. Installation instructions shall be provided in final product mail. Do as directed.

Q. Do I need to install by myself?

A. Not necessary. If you don’t know how to install your templates we will do it for you at free of charge.

Q. Whom shall I contact in case of grievance?

A. We provide our customers with 24x7 online support services & assistance. You can report your grievance by mail or have a live chat regarding the same.

Use links on this page to visit relevant section for more detailed information. Your support makes us strong.