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Terms & Conditions

- Terms of use

Seller Template is a UK based designing & online marketing company that administers through a website

The website, content, links, post, blogs, designs, color themes, mail address, phone numbers and other such informations if any comes under our sole ownership and entitles the potential user to be trialed in the court of law, if found misusing.

When you visit our website and use the utilities - it automatically implicates you that you are well versed with the usage terms and conditions. Hence you are bound to act in the same manner as we state in this policy. If you are not comfortable using it the way we want kindly leave the site. We may feel bad to see you leaving our site, but it will avoid a time consuming dispute.

We are subject to change the terms & conditions of usage without any notifications and continuing the usage of our services further will subject you with the change that has been made.

Services that we offer

We provide readymade & custom made eBay Shop Templates to business or individuals engaged in e-commerce industry.Our service includes ready to use eBay Auction Templates, listing templates, mobile responsive templates & Custom eBay Templates. In return we charge certain fees from our customers in a legitimate way. The customer will be responsible for unlawful use of the final product and not we. We provide our services to all those willing to hire us without any distinction.

When you visit our site kindly take some time to read our service terms & conditions to avoid disputes. This statement is available on our website under the heading terms & conditions in bright alphabets. You can also print or download the same for future reference. You are not entitled to make any changes or alter this agreement in any way. By using our services you accept these terms and conditions and this way we go in a mutual agreement.

Our Rights

We fully own this website, contents, designs, logos, trademark & relevant materials posted on the same. Informations in chats & forums are not owned by us and neither our licensors. User in particular or general will not copy, download, publish, modify, handover for sale, make duplicate, trade, display, distort, distribute any of the store designs or Auction Templates displayed on our website for social, commercial or personal purposes. If such is the case you will have to obtain a written permission to use the same.

We will not allow children to use the website if found under age determined by the authorities.

We hold the right to refuse, retain, disallow, and avoid services to the users found under suspicious circumstances without prior notice or reasons. We also hold the right to block the IP address of the user involved in illegal activities and using us as one of the medium to do such things.

Your concern

The templates ordered by you are for your usage and you cannot trade them in open market online or offline. These eBay Shop Templates cannot be resoled, rent, modify, altered published to third party by you. Any such incident noted will be treated as a breach of company’s policy & terms and conditions by you upon whom legitimate action will be taken.

You are responsible to maintain the secrecy of your login details. You may contact us in case of loss or misuse of the same. If these confidential details are found to be misused by third party deliberately with your consent it will not be our responsibility anymore.

You will be solely responsible for any disputes in context to advertisements displayed on your ebay stores or eBay ad Template that draws attention of any third party. Neither we nor any of our employees will be responsible or help you to sort out the matter in any ways.

Your privacy

Refer our privacy policy to know more about our code of conduct in terms of personal information of our customers. We are bound to safeguard our customer details but under legal circumstances we may display the same to legal authorities when demanded. We will not compensate any individual for losses that may take place while engaged in trails under court of law where we need to disclose his or her personal, business or general informations.

We care for our customers and relationship that we build with them. We always try not to engage ourselves in situations where our relations are on the edge. Help us maintain the same. Have safe browsing.